125 Dirt Bike Road Legal for Sale

2006 Honda CRF 450x converted into a motorcycle homologated for the road Updated to the model year 2012 This motorcycle is very well behaved, quiet, without shine, looks like a rim of new double sport factory. Comparison: drz400. 32 hp. 319 lbs. $4200 wr250r. 26 HP. 296 lbs. $4500 crf450x. 49 hp. 269 lbs $ 5500 The crf450x brings out of the water other bikes homologated for the road. That`s why this bike is worth it, and that`s why so many people are trying to get through dmv. I doubt you will find a cleaner conversion than this bike.

All connectors are Japanese bullet connectors, all soldered to the wires. All the right parts were used. This is a professional setup. Long-term reliability. Very low hours, I had the original front tire when I put on the double sport tires this week. 100% D.O.T. Legal Coversion, which follows the CHP regulations for the vehicle code. Properly guided through California dmv with spot inspection. Lights, brakes, spot tires, mirrors, speedometers, emissions, all according to specifications. Clean California MOTORCYCLE title pink note to my name, in hand. It is really a must to enjoy cycling. Some of the details are: -Super clean LED floor lamp kit -Trailtech digital speedometer mounted in the handlebars -Contact key that disables sparks and opens the starting circuit so the bike cannot be started without the key comes with 2 keys -Tokyo Mods carburetor upgrade $300 -Powerflow input and air filter -Renthal Fatbars -Gold chain Did x Ring and new sprocket -Point Legal Bridgestone Trailwing Dual Sport Tire BRAND NEW -Wired with Battery Tender Quick Connect – Fully updated for model year 2012! -Comes with additional Renthal rods, air filter and standard inlet, a set of motocross or desert tires and a battery tender.

Money in hand and M1 license, if you wish, we can make a nice long drive and a ride in the field before recharging it. No secrets or surprises with this bike. I have 2 more that I keep. All fluids have just changed, this bike is now ready to use! 2012 Zero Motorcycles X Dirt, The stealth motorcycle you can ride on the road. – Where would you go with an exceptionally light, very maneuverable and powerful bike? Someone who can also legally drive on the road? Right now? What if it didn`t make any noise and only cost a few cents? The all-new Zero X now features the same winning powertrain as the Zero MX and, combined with its ability to drive on the road, opens up previously unthinkable trail riding possibilities. With instant torque when stationary, no gear changes, low seat height and very low weight, the Zero X is a powerful electric motorcycle that takes technical driving to an ambitious new level. Direct drive gears and weight-optimized components combine to form a stealth machine that aggressively climbs hills, flies over jumps, and cuts through streams. A revolutionary, lifetime Z-Force lithium-ion power plant and highly efficient motor are optimized to create instant acceleration when your wrist is turned. To extend travel times, the aeronautical-grade Zero X chassis is designed for rapid power supply replacement. What`s new for 2012 The 2012 Zero X offers 75% more range, uses Zero Motorcycles? Revolutionary new battery technology Z-Force and is more powerful than ever.

Now with the same high-performance engine as the Zero MX, the Zero X is capable of achieving rapid acceleration at 56 mph on dirt and road surfaces. Its impressive performance and fully road-approved chassis make the Zero X Zero the «Do anything?» Electric mountain bike. In addition to superior performance, the Zero X now has a more contemporary appearance with a new body and sleek graphics. The Zero X is now exclusively available in a road-approved configuration. Ready to ride on anything from trails and tracks to city roads, the Zero X features lights, a side stand, mirrors, road-approved tires, and a higher gear shift that allows drivers to maintain higher top speeds. In addition to longer distances on a single charge, owners will be happy to know that the Zero X`s Z-Force power plant now survives the life of the motorcycle with the ability to drive more than 103,000 miles while maintaining an 80% capacity. Very nice enduro with lots of accessories. This bike has a legal title on the road, I had to take it to a test center so they could approve it as legal for the road. It`s electric or kickstart.

-Brand new Yamaha factory performance titanium muffler.-Road tire approx. 90% left-slip clutch profile. This makes the clutch automatic. I wasn`t sure at first, but now all my cuter bikes will have one. You can ride a bike 1 hand. I have all the necessary parts to attach the original clutch system.-FMF Power Bomb Header-scott Steering Stabilizer-Stock Factory Stainless Steel Exhaust System (not pictured) – everything in the photo is included – this bike is very fast for dirt or road.-I also have a brand new smaller rear sprocket for higher road speeds. (Not shown) Please call us if you have any further questions. Ideal for fun in alleys and backyards, driving on bumps and running on dirt roads with ease. With a manual kick and an electric starter and disc brakes, this bike is very nice for the price. Specifications: Engine type: 4 stroke, Single cylinder Displacement: 250cc Cooling: Air cooling Max HP: 10.6Kw / 8000r / min Max torque: 13.4Kw / 6500r / min Bore * Stroke: 63.5mm * 62.5mm Maximum speed: 95 km / h Climb capacity: 12 ¢ ¿ Ignition: CDI Starting system: Kick / Electric battery: 12V7Ah Engine oil: SAE 10W-30 / 15W-40 Brakes, front / rear: Disc / Disc: Tires: Front 90/90-19 Rear 110/90-17 Fuel Capacity/Type: 8L Weight, G.W./N.W.: 125KGS Maximum Load: 150KGSDimensions: Wheelbase: 152″ OA L * W * H: 83 «¿31″ ¿45» Seat Height: 28 «10» Cardboard Size: 72 » x18″33″ Legal CA New Amigo Rocky-125 Scooter, Manual 4 Speeds – Available in the box The Rocky-125 is available in four eye-catching Amigo colors! Red, Black, Army Green & Grey.