Top 5 Reasons To Date a pc Geek

I remember the occasions when having a serious curiosity about computer systems and technology was regarded as a terrible thing.  I never understood just what those dudes within my high school had been carrying out, hunched over their old-school mac computers and writing on RAM.  It sounded like a different language and so nerdy!  Quickly ahead many years, and men who will be enthusiastic about techy, pc things are located in popular as there are merely something about those alleged «nerds» that a lot of females cannot get an adequate amount of, such as myself personally!  What can I say, We have a weakness for a man who knows his way around a difficult drive and it has his means with HTML.  Listed below are my leading five reasons to date a computer geek…and I should know, i am mature woman sex dating one of personal!

1. He is able to fix everything.  This will be specially handy for girls just like me with a tendency to break things plenty ???? .  But here’s the fact, whether or not the guy does not know how to fix something-for example, your car or notebook, he’s going to google it until he is blue in the face.  He’s going to pull-up tutorials on Youtube, download step by step pdfs, and acquire work completed.  A pc nerd won’t state «I’m not sure how-to accomplish that…», he constantly figures it out-and that kind of perseverance is fairly really hot.

2. He’s got their hands regarding the pulse of society. I think about myself a really Internet smart girl and a complete social media addict. Desktop geeks go on it one step further though.  They know exactly what internet sites to go to when, the very best and most informed information.  My sweetheart consistently g-chats myself website links through-out your day of splitting news stories that We haven’t actually heard of, regardless if I’m signed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which I always am! I’ll never know-how he can it, but we anticipate my personal gchats everyday.

3. They don’t require continual interest.  You understand how some guys require non-stop praise and interest?  Perhaps not pc geeks. They will have discovered playing on their own, basically great when you really need receive your personal material done!   This option would be the happiest when it’s only  them, some music as well as their additional hard drives.  Hmm..that sounded somewhat dirtier than I supposed!  You’ll not have to continuously amuse them-they will not ever use up all your factors to explore on line.

4. You may never wander off.  A couple weeks before, my personal date took me on a birthday visit to San Francisco.  We’d no idea which place to go for eating, to shop, to explore and did not perform a great deal thinking ahead period.  I happened to be a bit concerned that we’d miss out on some good locations, although not at all!  The guy merely busted out his iphone 3gs, google maps, yelp, urban spoon and navigated all of us around the urban area like he was my individual concert tour manual.  It had been thus fun, and I thought so taken care of.  If you should be gonna try this though and exclusively count on handheld technology, make sure you seize the cellphone charger on the road out the door.

5. You will constantly get plenty.  Before I began internet dating my personal date, I becamen’t the biggest enthusiast of shopping online.  It felt a pain when you look at the butt and much more pricey when you considered transport and I also enjoyed the minute gratification you will get from walking into a store and walking out with new things.  My personal date launched us to the realm of Ebay (yes, I experiencedn’t made use of Ebay before, you should not determine), doing a search online for discount coupons for discounts and free delivery, and showed me personally the good thing about reading reviews-now I study ratings on just about anything before I buy it, it’s newer and more effective weird addiction.  Certain, i would need certainly to wait a few days for your post to arrive but i have stored a great deal money since I started making use of his small secrets that I’ll never return to my personal outdated purchasing routines!

 Ever dated a pc technical?